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Boys Golf

Dear Shiloh golfers and parents


I’d like to welcome you to the 2017 Shiloh golf season. My name is Coach Demetris Cook and it gives me great pleasure to serve as your son or daughter’s golf coach/mentor. I use mentor because I feel that any time I spend around a child, there should be some form of mentoring taking place that will help them get ready for their next challenge in life. Before I get into what is expected this year here are a few things about myself and why I love this game.

I am the Air Force JROTC Aerospace Instructor here at Shiloh. I served 22 years in the United States Air Force and I have been playing this wonderful game for over 8 years now. I wish I had been exposed to this game when I was younger.  Although, I have never had a professional lesson I currently carry a handicap of 8.5. Because of hard work and dedication, I’ve placed first in several tournaments to include a local and national amateur title,

The reason I am sharing this information is only to inform you that your child, if they put the time and effort in, can become very good at this sport. There’s no need to spend a lot of money on expensive lessons. I will give them instructions that will help them develop the mechanics they need to develop THEIR own swing. The golf “swing” is based on a person’s body type and flexibility. Not everyone can swing like Tiger or any other pro. I’ll also provide practice tips they can do away from the golf course. Pro golfer Bubba Watson who has won several PGA events, to include two majors, has never had a professional lesson. However, if you choose to go that route I can recommend a few good coaches in the local area.

Here are a few things I love about this game and what made me decide to become a golf coach/mentor.

  1. This sport does not require you to be the best athlete. You don’t have to be the fastest or strongest. Strength is not that important. This sport is 99% mental.
  2.  It is a sport parents can physically participate in with your child or grand-child in some cases.  I often see three generations playing golf together.  This sport is timeless and ageless.
  3. This is easily the hardest and most challenging sport I’ve ever played and I played college basketball.
  4. This game is very good for networking. I’ve met lifelong friends since I took up this sport. They range from pastors, politicians, pro athletes, celebrities, teachers, doctors, lawyers, policemen, and local business owners.
  5. If you appreciate nature, golf is played in some of the most beautiful areas of the city. Lots of courses are surrounded by million dollar homes.
  6. If you maintain a good GPA, it can help you get into college. There are several golf scholarships missed yearly, simply due to lack of participation. Particularly in girl’s golf. I know of several ladies that received golf scholarships and their best golf scores were in the high 80s to low 90s. For the guys it’s a lot more competitive. They normally shoot in the low 70s.

I can’t over emphasize the importance of attitude and being relaxed while playing this sport. Golf was invented to be a leisure sport, you should enjoy your experience to the fullest. You will hit several “bad” shots during your round. Your most important shot is always your next one. It is mandatory that we have fun and display a positive attitude at all times.

Here are the things required to play golf at Shiloh

  1. You must have a physical to participate in practice or any sporting events.
  2. There is a $225 fee involved. The fees cover the following items.
  1. Uniform: logoed polo shirt, belt, rain jacket, hat, golf balls.
  2. Range/practice balls for the entire season
  3. Course fees
  4. End of year award banquet
  5. Tournament fees (optional)
  6. Transportation to some matches

Please pay fees online at by early February, so I can purchase the uniforms before our first match.

Most times, transportation is not provided by the school. You will have to sign an Alternative Transportation Liability Form stating that your child can either ride with another student or drive to and from the events to include practice. In the past students have driven together or parents have provided rides. On some occasions we will take a school bus.

Lastly, I recommend a set of used clubs with the oversized head for beginning players. They are designed for maximum game improvement and will make this game a lot less frustrating.

Our motto this year will be work hard on the practice range but when in the game,

                                          “TRUST THE WORK”

Wrk: 770-736-4386, cell: 678-778-4094

Sign up for my remind 101 text 81010 and enter @golfsquad for important information I frequently put out

I look forward to working with you and your child. Let’s have a great season..




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