Generals News · Great News!!

We were selected by the Army to be a part of their new music video ” Who Do You Want to Become” with the song… featuring Rookiebaby. It was just released! This is a rap video which looks at the importance of education in developing each individual into the person they want to become. Our Senior students did an awesome job performing with members of the Army. Our school looks fantastic! We want to make this the most liked video around. Please have your TVs on and the Volume Up so after the announcements everyone can view the video. So please feel free to share this on Social Media or with anyone you wish.  Turn your volume up and enjoy!!!!

We are the first in Gwinnett to have this honor. The last video the Army did similar to this received 2.1 million views…. so our goal is to have more views and likes. Help us to achieve this! Students and Community may access the video on the the Community School page of the Shiloh Site.. Feel free to include it on your social media!! Let’s do our part to make it available to all.

Shiloh HS & US Army Video