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Greetings Shiloh Student Athletes and Parents:

First, this informational letter hopes you and your family are doing well and staying safe. Hopefully soon we can begin the steps to return to a normal routine and get back to the things we all love doing. On the road to normalcy is sports and I know we are all anxiously awaiting to get back on the field with our teammates and coaches.  In preparation for the day, we at Shiloh would like to ensure that the paperwork behind the scenes is current and up to date.

Each year the governing body of high school sports in Georgia, the GHSA, mandates that certain consents be filled out and on file each year a student participates in sports at a high school in Georgia. At Shiloh, we use an electronic system called DragonFly. DragonFly is a program that allows parents to safely complete consents and upload medical information such as yearly preparticipation physicals and insurance cards. This information is stored digitally, allowing for quicker and easier access when needed. Again, this is a GHSA requirement and Shiloh uses DragonFly to make it easier on all parties involved.

If you are a new parent to DragonFly, please see the attached document about creating an account. If you are not new to DragonFly, please go into your account and update the information for the 2020 school year. This can be done on a mobile device but works best from a desktop or laptop computer. If you have forgotten your password, please choose the Forgot Password option on DragonFly and DO NOT create a new account.   At this point we are looking for all parents to complete ALL electronic consents and upload a copy of their insurance card to their child’s profile. If you do not have insurance, please visit to purchase a policy for your child and their upcoming season. Please upload a copy of that receipt to the insurance portion of DragonFly. All forms need to be completed EXCEPT Medical History and Preparticipation Exam. That is the physical your child requires to play sports and typically done at the school in a mass setting or at your local doctor’s office. At this point, there is no new information about physicals so leave those two items blank for now.

If you have any questions about the forms, there is a red tab in the lower left-hand corner of DragonFly that can answer your questions. Also, you can contact your head coach, the Athletic Director Robert Wilson, or myself directly and one of us can help you out as well.  Everybody stay safe and hopefully soon we are all back together! Thank you so much for your help in this matter and I look forward to seeing everybody in person soon.

DragonFly Form


Mark Icenogle, ATC

Athletic Trainer – Shiloh High School